Now is the time to capture those moments you didn't have time for before.

As a photographer, teacher, mom, and now Yaya, I find that I rarely have time to just capture my kids in those little moments.  We're just always so busy.  (I know, I know! A photographer that doesn't have photos of her own kids?  Shocking, right?!)

Well, now that most of us are stuck home due to this crazy Covid-19 virus, we suddenly have lots of time on our hands!

What better time to dust off that old camera and snap some photos of your kids?  Keep reading for Ten Tips for Photographing your Kids.

Kids posing for camera
At the time I hated this shot, because it was blurry and nobody followed directions. Now it's one of my faves.
1) Don't stress about the perfect shot.

If I've learned anything in my 10 years as a photographer it's that nothing is perfect.  Embrace the baby tipping over or the teenager refusing to smile or the middle child not looking at you!  In 20 years you won't care about any of that, but you will smile at the memory.

Sunday Morning Video Games
I was in such a hurry to capture the cute glasses that I neglected to tell Captain Underpants to move over a little!
2) Beware of your background!

Nothing is perfect, but a dirty diaper on the coffee table behind your baby will be a photo killer. (Or in my case a brother in his undies just behind sister with her funny glasses on! )

Baby making cinnamon rolls
Our kitchen has a huge window...perfect for fun cooking photos!
3) Be mindful of your light.

Shooting in a room with big windows always works great! If the light is to the side and not straight on, even better!

Super Hero Kids
Fart or poo jokes work well for genuine smiles!
4) Never ask them to say "CHEESE"!

That's a trap and your kids can smell it coming from a mile away!  If your kids are smaller, fart noises usually work.  Teenagers usually respond with your cleanest naughty joke. (You know, the one you'd be willing to tell grandma.)


sisters embracing
I love a good serious face!
5) And if they just won't smile, embrace a good serious face.

Nothing shows off your kiddo's eyes quite like a serious look.

Beautiful Girl
When you bend down to their level, you make such a connection.
6) Get down at your child's level.

Bend, sit, or lie down on the floor and photograph them.  You'll get a great connection when you're at eye level.

Child on Feet
Shoot from down low or up high for interesting images.
7) Change your perspective!

Sure, shooting at eye level makes a great connection, but shooting from different angles adds interest to your photos.  Shoot from down low or up high to change it up.

boy in paper sailor hat
Catch them off guard, or don't let them catch you at all!
8) Shoot discreetly.

How many times have our children been in the middle of the most darling (or naughty) thing and the minute they see the camera they stop? If I could count that high myself, I'd be rich! Be sneaky and don't let them notice you! Candid "caught in the moment" photos are usually my favorites!

Boy with sunglasses
Sunglasses. Need I say more?
9) Accessorize!

Bring some pizzazz to the photo by adding some fun wardrobe items. Hats, sunglasses, necklaces, big rubber boots all make photos interesting and fun.

Girl with hat
This bright pink hat makes this whole image pop!
10) Add a pop of color!

A bright red jacket or some fun yellow cowboy boots are sure to make viewers smile when looking at your photos for years to come.


Girl looking down
Just get the shot! Sometimes the outtakes end up being your favorite.
And finally, just get the shot! You never know which outtake will end up being your favorite for years to come.